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The Icebell® is a product of APYRON Technologies, a leading innovator in water and ice purification technologies. APYRON patented its Advanced Material Synthesis Technology (AMST) for water purification systems which affects lives each day through the availability of clean, purified water.


Dr. Chen has more than 22 years experience in the development of advanced point of use devices for drinking water applications. He earned a PhD in Polymer Science & Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Polymer Chemistry from Central Michigan University/Michigan Molecular Institute and holds four U.S. and international patents.


Dr. Story is a skilled executive in strategic planning and has worked for Fortune 500 companies in key management roles in corporate engineering, R&D, and pharmaceutical and commercial projects. He earned a BS in Chemistry at the University of Illinois and a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry at Florida State University.


Mr. Reade brings more than 30 years of financial operations experience and expertise to Apyron. He held senior positions with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He earned a BS from CCNY and Masters in Finance from the NYU Graduate School of Business. He led the executive management team during the purchase of the assets of Apyron Technologies and using his expert cash management skills, he has successfully helped to guide the new company.

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The management team of APYRON Technologies consists of

Dr. Wei-Chih Chen, Chairman & CEO,

Dr. Les Story, President & COO, and

John A. Reade, Executive Vice President & CFO.



Dr Chen, CEO



Dr Les Story, President and COO



John Reade, CFO