Product Specifications

The Icebell® is a mobile point-of-sale display system, designed to chill and attractively present merchandise for sale. The system is designed to run continuously without a filter change for up to 6 months and up to 12 months with intermittent operation.

The 8 gallons of water used for creating ice are cleaned and re-circulated in the system, eliminating the need for connection to a water supply.


Max Ambient 80º F. (not in direct sunlight)
Min Ambient 50º F.
Ice Production 15 minutes (start)
Ice Production 6 to 12 hours (full trough—depending on conditions)
Filter Changes 3 to 6 months of continuous operation
Filter Changes 12 months of intermittent operation (less than 3 months cumulative total)
Voltage/Frequency 230V @ 50-60 Hz or 110V @ 60 Hz
Phase 1
Cord Length 7 ft
Floor Area 26.0 inches
Ice Trough 41.5 inches
Ice Trough Height 38.8 inches
Overall Height 46.3 inches
Weight - Empty 155 lbs
Water Requirement 8 gallons
Noise (@ 39in./39in. high) 56 dB
Minimum Access (assembled) 42.2 inches wide
Minimun Access (disassembled) 26.4 inches wide


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New, Easy-to-Use, High-Impact Product Display System

Beverages are ice cold within 30 minutes.

Holds up to 60 beverages.

Rolls around on 4 casters, 2 with brakes.

Easily disassembled for convenience in moving and access through narrow doorways.